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Nov 4, 2012 1:00am PDT
the coast guard is shallow water. but we go to madagascar and the north pole. they wear a similar uniform to ours. the coast guard keeps your ships for a long time. the cutter sherman will serve 10 years before we retire her. she will be in the parade of ships today. some of the boats are the same volunteers. great patriots serving our nation in a voluntarily capacity. as the senior officer of the coast guard, i am humbled by the people we serve in this great community. i cannot thank the st. francis yacht club for hosting this. mahalo to all of you. >> i will turn this over to lieutenant galvin. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. commodore stoneberg, this is your house. we're grateful. at this time, the parade of ships will begin momentarily. ♪ ♪ >> the united states coast guard has provided security zones to ensure a safe fleet week. there will be four stations to provide security and they have coordinated with roughly 20 cities to provide state and fire. there are 4000 coast guard stationed in and around the area. cutter training personnel. the chef school in petaluma. the u.s. co
Nov 29, 2012 2:30pm PST
of lithuania, consul of madagascar, mr. victor flores, from e
Nov 1, 2012 6:30am PDT
will in south africa and madagascar and received a medal for the interdiction of a panamanian vessel carrying 20 tons of corn where a street value of $600 million. in may of 2011. sherman was transferred to her current home in san diego, california. the coast guard executing national and international missions maintain the positive reputation worldwide, performing a multitude of positions. she is an excellent example of a cutter with proven capabilities in all coast guard facilities. she continues to patrol in the south pacific. she performs a combined fleet exertions and executes fisheries law enforcement and drug and smuggling enforcement as far as the equator and the arctic circle. we proudly salute all of you at fleet week 2012. >> personnel wise, cutter sherman has 23 officers, 150 enlisted. 378 feet three inches. draft, just about 16 feet. displacement is 3000 tons. she's got two anchors at 6000 pounds each. two engages 12 cylinder turbo. the valve propulsion, 350 fully retractible. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, the united states coast guard sherman. [applause] >> next in o
Nov 9, 2012 9:30am PST
, the honorable dennis garrison, consul of lithuania, consul of madagascar, mr. victor flores, from the consulate of mexico and (inaudible) from mongolia and the honorable barbara (inaudible), honorable consul from the swazi republic. i would also like to recognize the honorable senator mark lenos, honorable eric mar, supervisor, chen ceto of the foundation. >> we also have some guests from the president of san francisco state university, dr. leslie wong, dr. frank hong,ment of santa rosa junior college, and dr. lisa stevens, president of the academy of art university. in the 33 year history of the campus, classes have been housed in over 30 different locations. we are very happy and proud to finally have a permanent home and a beautiful modern facility to train the future generations of students. this has been a 40-year journey for the community. some of you have been with us from the start. today we join together the community, the faculty, the students, the staff, the business community and our neighbors and friends to start a new chapter in our history. we'd like to introduce
Nov 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
of madagascar. we have been joined by this vast bear-like creature. what is this? >> this is a bearcat. i don't know if you can kneel, only because of the camera. they can get a better shot. that's great. this animal is what i call a wolverine. we have a wolverine in this country which is pound for pound the most fearsome animals in our country. but this has been around from malaysia. this tail right here is a prehensile tail. if that tail gets around your neck it can do you in in 30, 60 seconds. that's how powerful it is. he has big teeth, his whiskers are there. he's nocturnal, lives in the incredible jungles there. he feels with whiskers in total darkness to move around. he smells like popcorn, he smells -- >> he smells exactly like popcorn. we get so hungry in the truck when we're driving around with him. those claws can tear apart anything. plus -- >> do you guys never get bitten? >> yeah, but again, they raise the animals. they know these are wild animals. for educational purposes, we want to bring them on, especially the honor of coming to your show tonight to teach people about these
Nov 29, 2012 6:00am PST
brooks. "madagascar 3" this really a ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this really is a zebra and y trying to make a break for . the unlikely duo were >>> nope, this is not a rye make of madagascar 3 but the plot is similar. this is really a zebra and pony making a break for it. the unlikely duo was spotted running around staten island. razzie the zebra, casper the pony, by the way they're best buddies, they escaped from a petting zoo owner who left a gate open after feeding them. works for dogs, not for them. they dodged people and cars. they finally captured them. they wanted to check out manhattan! >> that's funny. >> love that sound. >> here little zebra! >> they wanted a stroll. >> they got to do it for a while. until the lassos showed up. party's over! guys, we have big changes coming up. today we are catching a break from the real stormy weather outside. but a lot of cloud ou
Nov 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to the blockbuster film "madagascar 3". studios says profits rose 24%d and this as it grossed $503 million making it the fifth-highest grossing film of the year. day two rating from power generators in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. there were better than expected reports on manufacturing, employment and consumer confidence climbing >> the wards welcomed veteran art yifs to celebrate a year's worth of good music. this year, we'll see new guards taking the stage as well. >> i just get wrapped up in the excitement as a fan does. >> joining forces to lead the way for a fifth time, co-cost carrie underwood and brad paysly. >> it's fun and a challenge to be the face of cmas. that leaves a face for country music one night is a lot of fun. >> she's the face. >> he's the body. >> well... yae. more the other end, maybe. >> there will be plenty of stars to see during the show. but you can also expect these artists will be checking out red carpets as well. >> i haven't met willie nelson. i am excited to meet him. >> if dolly parton walks near that building... i'm going to die. >> brad paysly and carrie u
Nov 6, 2012 10:00pm PST
area of responsibility covers the rocky mountains to madagascar. the same area of responsibility as admiral lochlear except they have the arctic and antarctic as well. so, obviously with 13,000 people covering that aor, a little over 200 ships, i'm very dependent on partnerships. i work with 71 countries with whom i have 65 bilateral agreements with those entities. but everything really starts at the most local level first. so, it's appropriate to hear from captain stow and the network of partnerships that she's dealt here in the bay area, but we have this lattice work that goes across my entire pacific region. and then i need to focus on what do i do in the event of a threat right now in dealing with the arctic. what if i have a deep water horizon spill there? because now it affects the nate and i have indigenous tribes of that part of the world. and how do i flow resources there, recognizing the navy doesn't have ice breakers and our nation has one. so, we do a lot of work with canada when we're starting to work on those contingencies. but we look at the national response frame
FOX Business
Nov 1, 2012 4:00pm EDT
third quarter results after the bell driven by a solid performance by madagascar iii. earnings per share topping expectations by 18 cents. revenue higher than expected at 186.3 million bucks. >>> some good news for verizon customers in the wake of superstorm sandy. the company suspending late fees for customers who might have incurred them during the storm as well as during the recovery period. verizon will also be deploying mobile communications centers and stores on wheels to the areas hit the hardest. customers in those areas can go to the local verizon stores to charge the devices and make domestic calls free of choice. that is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper david: if you haven't heard of catamaran you're missing quite a bit. not because its five-year stock chart is pretty much a straight upward line through the past five crazy years. not just because today its stock jumped another 8% on earnings news. not just because it was the fastest growing company in 2011. but this company has also pine feared a -- pioneered a process dealing with health care and
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2012 1:00pm EST
a couple times. there is nothing left. charles: rise of the guardians is getting a lot of bus. madagascar three did very well. they make 50 million from their libraries. that brought more money than "post-- this used to be a bigger stock. seems like they may be getting their act together. now we know that it seems like it would be much higher than where the stock is right now. what do you think about harrison ford? charles: when i read that, i fell out of my chair. he has a stipulation where we must watch him eat. he is always chewing. [talking over each other] he is always somewhere in the movie you must have to show me eating. please, do not eat. melissa: that is a fascinating point. always illuminating. it is a next target. a new report shows the u.s. will overtake saudia arabia as the world's top oil producer by 2017. phil flynn is in the pits at the cme. a lot of people getting hot on this idea. >> i have been hot on it for some time. i know there are some people that are already, you know, saying that it can happen. they are concerned that some of the production is already in declin
Nov 10, 2012 9:00am EST
with the animals, all the different lesson plans. and yes she even has madagascar's hissing cockroaches in her room. the ew factor is part of the appeal for kids. >> we also have your best books of the year. >> best kids books of the year in wednesday's kids post. it is a really nice list. "life in the ocean" is a nonfiction book about sylvia earl. "how barnum brown discovered the most famous dinosaur in the world." perfect for boys who are totally into that dinosaur thing. also girls. "son" is lois lowry's conclusion to the giver saga which some parents may well remember. those and other really great titles in wednesday's kids post. >> all right. tracy thanks so much as always. for fun family activities visit nbc or "the washington post".com and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv this week. i'm eun yang. >> those were some cool classroom pets. we used to have a hamster. >> chuck had a correction. >> we were making fun of it. the spotted gekos and i said the correct pronunciation is geico. >> you're messing us all up. >> i know. >> it was a lot of fun until it was repeated.
Nov 29, 2012 1:00pm EST
, madagascar, egypt, morocco, saudi arabia, mauritania, namibia, nigeria, nicaragua, india, yemen, qaeda stan, .elarus mr. president, this important draft resolution is aimed at taking a historic decision, granting palestine the status of non-member observer state. the preamble of the drafted resolution refers to the unacceptability of territory by force stipulated in the charter. the other paragraph in the preamble reaffirms the right of the palestinian people to self- determination, including their right to an independent state of palestine. mr. president, a certain paragraph in the preamble reaffirms prevalent revolutions to the security council as well as the general assembly concerning the peaceful -- that mentions among others that israel must withdraw from occupied palestinian territories, occupied since 1967. that the inalienable rights of the palestinian people with the right to self-determination and their right to establish an independent state must be achieved. as well as an equitable settlement for the refugees of palestine, as well as the complete cessation of israeli settlement
Nov 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
and he served to the taxi trade. he was a black man from madagascar. there were two brothers, thomas and isaac. the owned a couple of barbershops on pennsylvania avenue. they came from a family in virginia that had been free for generations to begin fact one of those black families owned slaves themselves to the brothers actually while they were cutting here the but also sell antislavery publications and of a hero of the book i think of him as a barack obama and a man who comes out of nowhere to conquer and charm washington for what they want to chase a backlash and if you read the book you'll see some parallels. the point is far from slavery being dominant in washington, d.c. and the all oppressive say it is receding in the forces of liberty are growing and that is a part of what this book is about. you probably think the civil war began in april, 1861 that's when the shooting of the civil war began the civil war actually began 30 years before that. it is in this program in the early 1800's that the antislavery movement first comes to washington and the direct ideological conflict t
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)